Sales Call Bookings By 1350% in 7 Days

Get the exact strategy and template I used to increase discovery calls by 1350% in 7 days by making two tweaks to their email marketing funnel

Justin Keltner is known as The Email Scientist as he helps coaches sell more high-ticket programs to their audience by optimizing and automating their marketing. He’s known for reducing their monthly costs, increasing sales and co-creating marketing that stands out from the rest in a way that is fun, effortless and authentic. He’s also a digital nomad, currently residing in Mexico with his golden retriever and partner in crime Daisy. 


Are you frustrated because your email marketing funnel isn't converting like it used to?

It’s no secret that everyone is frustrated with their current  marketing strategies, ad costs and a changing market.

Booking sales calls off of emails used to be EASY - back in 2015.

Now everyone is just repeating the same things hoping it will work.

My clients share these frustrations with me all the time, so I went into the lab to find a solution.

The result? I made two tweaks to my client’s funnel that are often overlooked by most coaches and entrepreneurs.

After making the tweaks we saw a 1350% increase in discovery call bookings in 7 days.

The best part?

All you need is an hour to set it all up.

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